What's In Our Medicine Cabinet?

What's In Our Medicine Cabinet?

Our favorite teas to support you this season.

Turmeric Ginger

We always have some Turmeric Ginger tea on hand as our first line of defense when tummy issues arise. Both active ingredients promote gastrointestinal health and help reduce inflammation. 

Cold Kicker

Cold Kicker is a staple in our pantry. It’s packed with immune supporting ingredients including elderberries and echinacea which increase white blood cell counts, yarrow which is a diaphoretic has antimicrobial properties, and red clover which supports lymphatic function and helps the body rid itself of excess fluid.


Aside from being our favorite cold weather, warming tea, North also has some impressive health benefits. Cinnamon is known to regulate blood sugar levels and is a good source of antioxidants. While licorice is a great digestion aid and is very soothing on an irritated throat. 

Cinnamon Hibiscus

Cinnamon Hibiscus is our go-to iced tea when the weather is a little warmer, although it’s just as bright and tasty hot. It’s great for aiding with hydration, and the hibiscus helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Earl Grey

Black tea is highly caffeinated, but still contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee, and gives a more sustained buzz for prolonged focus without the crash. Both black tea and bergamot are helpful in regulating the nervous system due to the polyphenols found in bergamot and L-theanine in high quality black tea.

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