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Earl Grey

Earl Grey

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Well-caffeinated, floral, and smooth, our Earl Grey is blended with tippy high mountain black tea, first press bergamot, and rainforest-harvested vanilla bean, decorated with bright blue bachelor's buttons. A delicately layered direct-source fusion from small-production artisan farmers of Nepal, Italy, Africa, and Central Oregon.

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In Depth

Tea Details


Organic whole leaf (two leaves and a bud) black tea from the high mountains of Ilam, Nepal

Organic bergamot from Southern Italy

Organic Vanilla bean from Madagascar

Organic (sometimes locally grown) bachelor's buttons

Flavor Profile

The quality of each ingredient separately and their beautiful synthesis combined as Earl Grey defines who we are as a company. The tea is rich and resonant, the true (not synthetic) bergamot carries a citrusy lift, and the real vanilla bean finishes with creamy depth. Welcome to Earl Grey Paradise.


We partner with Nepal Tea Collective to source our tea with direct social good impact. We support economic and educational initiatives in a place where we have danced with the children of the tea mountains and have sorted leaves with groups of smiling grandmas.

Lafaza Vanilla's community-based direct trade model protects worker's right to a fair price, and their collective of smallholder farms protects the region's biodiversity. They also fund libraries and help with clean water initiatives.

Steeping Instructions

Steep 2.5 grams (or about a tablespoon) per 8 ounces boiled water for 4 minutes. Enjoy. Re-steep if inclined.

When using Iced Tea Sachets, add one sachet to a 1 gallon container. Pour 1/3 gallon (approx. 45 oz) 200º+ water over sachet. Cover and steep for 4 minutes. Add 2/3 gallons (approx. 90 oz) cold water. Remove sachet and chill tea.

Recipes and Variations

Our Earl Grey makes an excellent addition to crème brulee. Infuse in the cream of any cream-based dessert, strain, and use cream as recipe follows.

Earl Grey, surprisingly, is our absolute favorite iced tea. Steep hot and strain over ice.

Caffeine Level

40-60 mg/cup when brewed according to Steeping Instructions


Clean black tea, organic bachelor's buttons, organic bergamot from Calabria, Italy, clean Madagascar vanilla bean