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Metolius Chai

Metolius Chai

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Metolius Chai is an all organic, creamy elixir of cardamom, fresh ginger, and cracked pepper, velvety sweet, handsomely caffeinated, with warming notes of cinnamon and cayenne. 

Sprinkle on some Cardamom Rose Garnish for extra ooh la la!

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In Depth

Tea Details


Organic ginger juice from the Peruvian jungle at the base of the Andes Mountains

Organic cardamom from northern Guatemala

Organic sugar from Brazil

Flavor Profile

Full bodied, equally sweet and spicy, astounding. Primary flavor notes of ginger and cardamom, followed by black pepper, cinnamon, and cayenne at the finish. The flavors build from the first sip, revealing the full profile at approximately the 7th sip. Cardamom notes will echo long after the cup is finished.


Our ginger farmer's techniques regenerate soil health and allow free space for thriving populations of native rainforest animal species.

Our cardamom partner is a cooperative of 120 small family farms committed to education initiatives, reforestation, and fair trade.

Our sugar is Regenerative Organic Certified™, a program that ensures both environmental sustainability and social good.

Steeping Instructions

Start with an 8 ounce cup

Do a shaky shaky dance to fully incorporate settled spices in the bottom of the bottle

Add 1 ounce (two tablespoons) Metolius Chai

Top with your choice of milk, hot or cold


Sprinkle with Cardamom Rose Garnish for a complete experience

Recipes and Variations

Drizzle over ice cream, yogurt, or granola

Roast with mixed nuts

Use in any recipe in place of honey or maple syrup, such as a cobbler or pastry

Toss with sliced apples, refrigerate

Caffeine Level

40-60 mg/cup


Organic cane sugar, filtered water, organic fresh ginger, organic black tea, organic cardamom, organic black pepper, organic cinnamon, citric acid, salt, organic cayenne

Nutritional Information

Serving Size - 2 tbsp

  • 90 calories per serving
  • 21 grams of sugar per serving