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Metolius Mint

Metolius Mint

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A charming dessert fusion of rich chocolate, cool peppermint, warm cinnamon and sweet whole leaf stevia. Warming in the winter and refreshing in the summer. More than a dessert blend, peppermint and cinnamon soothe the stomach while cacao enriches the heart.
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In Depth

Tea Details


Cacao shells sourced from our local chocolatier!

Flavor Profile

Mint and chocolate


We use Seahorse Chocolate's cacao shells. Seahorse Chocolate's intentional, quality sourcing creates economic opportunities for farmers while supporting the preservation of ecosystems in chocolate growing regions.

Steeping Instructions

Steep 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces of fully boiled water for 5 or more minutes. Steep covered to retain heat and flavor. Enjoy!

Caffeine Level

Caffeine free


Organic peppermint, organic cacao, organic cinnamon, organic stevia