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Green & Mint

Green & Mint

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A sweet, smooth, accessible green tea tossed with fresh, bright peppermint leaves. Fresh and simple.

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Tea Details


Organic green tea from China

Flavor Profile

Bright, fresh, simple


We partner with a Chinese company where tea gardens are interspersed with old growth forest. Farmers enjoy increased economic benefits as the region's industry blossoms and they gain access to the global market.

Steeping Instructions

Steep 1/3 tablespoon per 8 ounces of 175 degree water for 3 minutes. Enjoy.

When using Iced Tea Sachets, add one sachet to a 1 gallon container. Pour 1/3 gallon (approx. 45 oz) 200º+ water over sachet. Cover and steep for 3 minutes. Add 2/3 gallons (approx. 90 oz) cold water. Remove sachet and chill tea.

Caffeine Level

30-50 mg/cup when brewed according to Steeping Instructions


Organic green tea, organic peppermint