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Gold Needles

Gold Needles

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A pure assamica varietal crafted by expert tea maker in a small Ning'er village cooperative in Yunnan, China. The downy copper leaves yield deep, layered notes of sugarcane and dark chocolate.
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In Depth

Tea Details


Organic leaf and bud black tea from the high mountains of Yunnan, China (Puerh Region)

Flavor Profile

Notes of sugarcane and dark chocolate


We partner with a tea company based in the high mountains of Yunnan where tea gardens are interspersed with old growth forest.

Steeping Instructions

Steep 2.5 grams (or about a tablespoon) per 8 ounces boiled water for 4 minutes. Enjoy. Re-steep if inclined.

Recipes and Variations

Cold brew for a refreshing iced tea.

Caffeine Level

40-60 mg/cup when brewed according to Steeping Instructions


Organic grown black tea