Our Do Good Ethos

At Metolius Tea, we define success as supporting people, respecting the planet, and earning sustainable profits, commonly known as the triple bottom line.

​We support our team by co-creating a kindness-forward culture, prioritizing work-life balance, providing an education stipend, and increasing team benefits, including paid time off, retirement savings, and profit sharing.

We support our local community by paying our team members to volunteer in the SMART Reading program.

We respect the environment through a multitude of small choices, from eco-friendly packaging to sourcing from small organic farms. At great cost to ourselves, we refuse to bottle our chai in plastic.

We earn sustainable profits by supporting an outstanding product line with smooth operations and attuned customer service. Through our Tea for Good program, we donate a portion of our profits to children’s education in tea growing regions.
Our founder, Amy, on a recent trip to visit our tea garden in Nepal

Our Vision & Mission

At Our Tea Factory

We love working, brewing, blending, taste-testing and laughing with so many capable, strong, powerful babes, and we’re so proud to be taking on this traditionally male industry. Next time you see a bottle of our chai or take a sip of your favorite tea blend, we hope you’ll feel all the love and care we infuse into every batch.

Some of Metolius Tea's Do Good Initiatives

  • SMART Reading

    SMART Reading is a children's literacy nonprofit providing two critical ingredients for literacy success: shared reading and access to books.
  • Book of the Year

    We buy copies of the nominated book of the year for the entire team. After we read them we'll each pass them on to a friend and encourage them to do the same.
  • Tea For Good

    We match 100% of the proceeds from our Tea For Good program to go directly to a cause near and dear to our hearts such as sponsoring bright, hardworking students who are financially disadvantaged in rural Nepal where much of our tea is grown.
  • Social Justice Infused Supply Chain

    We sources as many ingredients as possible directly from small co-op and family-owned farms. We have found the most vibrant flavors, values and relationships at the community level.
  • Deschutes Public Library

    We partner with our local library to help fund programs to make essential programs that aren't funded by taxes accessible to everyone who needs them. 
  • Ecosystem Business Model

    Internally, we have implemented a lateral ecosystem structure as opposed to a traditional hierarchical business model. This means that all our employees are empowered and trusted. 

Our Core Values

In Essence

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